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Back Pain Causes

Top 10 Back Pain Causes

Back Pain causes is a broad subject,it is very important to understand that your body is complex. In your back youll find an amazing bone structure,muscles, nerves and joints. This and other reasons makes pinpointing the back pain causes a difficult achievement. Everyday activities at home, work, gym etc, can cause minor sprains, strains or injuries, pinched or irritated nerve. This means that a considerable percentage of your back pain causes are not because of seriuos damage or desease. That means that if you evaluate your daily basis activities maybe youll notice that the trigger can be hidden in the following list.


  • Twisting awkwardly
  • Slouching in chairs
  • Overstretching
  • Bending awkwardly for long periods of time
  • At the gym lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling weight in inadequate ways
  • Overusing muscles. Its very important to excercise gradually.

These are all side effects from a long period of bad habbits.Some people will land on one day waiking up with a back pain with no apparent reason.

The key is to prevent these pains. I will give you a few tips in order for you to avoid a back pain crisis.

Regular Excercise: Feeling better, having more energy and perhaps living longer. All this is possible with excercise. Try to do it regularly and youll find all the benefits from it.

back pain causes

-Lose weight: Overweight people or with obesity are giving a great contribution to their back pain. Losing weight will help your back because you are lighter and also youll be able to excercise much better.

-Avoid sudden moves: Sometimes when you are tired of you havent stretched yet, making sudden moves will take your muscles by surprise. Its always good to take breaks during your daily routine to stretch properly.

_Try to manage stress the best way possible, this is one of the biggest triggers of the back pain causes.

Stretching is a must. I will give you a list of excercises that will help making your back muscles stronger improving your back strenght.

1-Bottom to heels stretch

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Try this to stay limber and injury free

2- Back Extensions

avoiding back pain causes, oxycodone side effects

This excercise will help you lower back muscles. By pulling this movement you will make them stronger.

Knee Rolls

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You can try stretching when you wake up and before you go to bed. You dont have to actually do them all during the day. Just choose one of the 3 and try to change them along the week.

Keeping a healthy life by excercising every day, good postures while driving, at work, when sitting are very important to mantain your back muscles firm and strong. Its important to understand that these are all tips when you dont have anything serious like a back hernia or dislocated discs. In that case its important to check with your doctor so he can give you proper indications of how to proceed. In this cases an special therapy along with pain medicine like oxycodone or hydrocone that are the most common medicines for pain will be prescribed by your doctor. On my other post youll find general information about oxycodone, such as what does it feel like? proper dosage, what happens if you miss a dose,oxycodone side effects among other important information.










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