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Can I take 2 Oxycodone

Can i take 2 oxycodone?

Can I take 2 Oxycodone is a very common question. Whenever you´re starting on medication, starting slow and easy is always important while you get to know your reactions to it.

If you`re wondering “Can I take 2 oxycodone? Initial doses are always small and then gradually increase the dose while your body’s tolerance to opioids grows.

How much oxycodone is safe?

It`s hard to know because it depends on various factors. People who have never taken oxy is different than those who are used to it and already on therapy. Doses will depend on whether oxycodone is in immediate release or controlled release form. Furthermore, there`s different variables that doctors takes into consideration when increasing a dose.


Starting doses will be small. People who have never been on opioids will be prescribed immediate release type. The recommended mg range varies between 5 and 20mg tablets every 4-6 hours depending on the pain grade.

Safe Dosage for Controlled Release Oxycodone:

A starting dose of 10mg is what you would get when using oxycodone controlled release tablets.  You can increase the total daily oxycodone dose for controlled release tablets based on a 23 to 53% of the current dose at each increase; this has to be once every day or every two days.

Can I take 2 oxycodone?. This subject has to be pointed primarily to the new users. X dosage can be fatal for your body, especially when you have never been on opioids. Here`s an example. If you take a single dose of controlled release oxycodone formula greater than 40 mg, or in other words a total daily dose of controlled release oxycodone greater than 80 mg, that may cause fatal respiratory depression crisis.

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Can I take 2 Oxycodone

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