Most Common Oxycodone Symptoms

Can Oxycodone Raise Your Blood Pressure

Secondary effects- High Blood Pressure?

Can Oxycodone Raise Your Blood Pressure? Oxycodone is a narcotic pain medication.

Oxycodone is used to decrease pain moderately and lower your levels.

Can Oxycodone raise your blood pressure?

What is related to oxycodone and blood pressure? Can Oxycodone Raise your Blood Pressure? When you have a  high blood pressure that means you are hypertense, is the most common cardiovascular disease all over the globe. Blood pressure means the process when the blood travels pushing through the artery walls around your body. Like air in a car tire or water in your yard hose, blood fills arteries to an adequate capacity. You can picture this example: Just as too much air pressure will damage your car tire or too much water pushing through a hose can damage the hose, high blood pressure can affect your healthy arteries and lead to noncompatible life conditions to your body such as heart disease or a stroke.

Before taking oxycodone you have to make sure it`s safe for you, let your doctor know if you have any breathing problems or lung disease;

  1. a family history of head injury, brain tumor, or seizures of any kind;
  2. a history of drug and alcohol addiction, or mental illness;
  3. problems at urinating.
  4. kidney or liver disease.
  5. any adrenal or gland disorder;
  6. problems with your pancreas, thyroid abnormal growth, gallbladder.

Can Oxycodone raise your blood pressure? There is no documentation proving that it does. It can drop your blood pressure. In fact,  pain can cause increased Blood Pressure levels. You won`t find verifiable facts behind this, but there are several medical journals with valid documentation. Doctors around the world can back this up and would agree that whenever you`re in severe pain and it raises more and more, there`s an increase in levels of Blood Pressure.

Can Oxycodone Raise your blood pressure

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