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Can You Have Withdrawals From Oxycodone

Can you have withdrawals from oxycodone?

Can you have withdrawals from oxycodone? What happens with Oxycodone, is that narcotics make chemical changes in the brain’s wiring, affecting emotions and moods as well as dulling pain sensations. People experiment Withdrawals. Estimations show that approximately 28 million around the world are abusing oxycodone and only in America around 2.2 million inhabitants are abusing this drug. That takes us back to the question. Can you have withdrawals from oxycodone when you become addicted?
The prolonged use and abuse of oxycodone develops a tolerance. When this happens you become addicted to oxycodone and higher doses will need to be taken to avoid the withdrawals from oxycodone. A physical and psychological dependence can occur and lead to severe dependency and get addicted to it. When the brain gets used to oxycodone to feel normal, the user may experience withdrawal from oxycodone symptoms and drug cravings after there’s nothing left in the bloodstream or in the attempt to stop using the drug. Once again the question pops up:

Can you have withdrawals from oxycodone?

There’s a timeline for withdrawal in which the individual will experience severe symptoms such as:
1. Agitation
2. Anxiety
3. Irritability
4. Anger
5. Mood Swings
6. Trouble Concentrating
7. Depression

There’s quite a few oxycodone addiction stories.This is why it’s not recommended to stop taking the medication all at once. Your doctor has to set up a weaning schedule that reduces the dose slowly and in a controlled mode to avoid withdrawal from oxycodone symptoms. Oxycodone withdrawal can also be smoother with the help of medications like Methadone, this is a partial opioid agonist and has been a popular drug dispensed by medical professionals to help wean the abusers. Partial opioid agonists act the same way as receptors in the brain, although at somewhat lower levels. This can contribute to lower the symptoms as the dosage will be reduced until there is no need for more. Methadone still has the potential for abuse and dependency, however, so other medications may be a better one on the list.

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can you have withdrawals from oxycodone

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