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There’re quite a few Oxycodone addiction stories to tell all around the world. There’s a lot of opinions about a person that is addicted to Oxycodone. Many individuals who have not experienced the experience of addiction to Oxycodone or other drugs may have trouble understanding how dangerous this painkiller is. There’s a traditional thought that the addicted person is just trying to get high on the drug and does not have any conscience or morals to do the right thing, which in other words would get off the drug. Not knowing the addiction leads to ignoring what the addicts life is and this is there are oxycodone addiction stories.

Quick change from healing to Addiction- Oxycodone Addiction Stories

The Oxycodone addiction stories are various, complicated journeys from needing a relief for pain to dependency. Hoping that sharing Oxycodone addiction stories might help you.
• I remember having the worst pain in my lower back, I couldn’t walk, sleep, shower, work. My life was passing through my eyes while I was feeling like a Stone. At the time that I couldn’t handle it anymore, I went to visit my primary care physician. He gave me the diagnose, lumbar herniated disc and was put into painkillers– Oxycodone. I passed from feeling useless to having a “normal” life with a diminished pain. I could walk, cook, work, shower again. I also felt great when taking the medication. Could not believe it until I passed from having a pain relief to being an addicted, confined at home, I didn’t even shower anymore…..

Oxycodone Addiction Stories
• It all started while I was doing shopping, I could not even lift the shopping bags, felt exhausted, and the pain was overwhelming. Time passed by and I decided to visit my doctor, after a few tests here and there my Doctor told me I had Fibromyalgia and gave me a prescription for Oxycodone 20mg. He explicitly told me to follow his instructions by the book and not to exceed dosage without his consent first. At that time, he said It was habit forming, and we had to avoid withdrawal symptoms. The first day I took my first dose I had a feeling of pain diminished but also, and can’t explain this, but there was a sense like I could fly, really euphoric and energized. Nothing could be nicer than that; I was doing my daily routines and pain was under control…. I can say now I was an oxycodone Addicted, and now I’m a survivor, and I can tell you a few Oxycodone addiction stories that hopefully can help others.

oxycodone addiction stories


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